ToDo-List & Results


Here are some of the milestones we have achieved in the past several years and information about our current work.

Future tasks

  • Lock laser to the clock transition using the second, compact setup
  • Measure clock transition frequency shift between two thulium optical clocks
  • Compare performance with Ytterbium Ion Clock on mHz level

Current progress

  • 3rd stage Doppler cooling using narrow (8 kHz) transition
  • Clock tranisition spectroscopy using compact optical clock
  • Precise determination of magic wavelength near 1064 nm


  • Achieved frequency instability of 30 mHz after 1 hour of measurement
  • MOT in the second, compact setup
  • Zeeman effect compensation using synthetic frequency in a bi-colour clock scheme
  • Efficient optical pumping
  • Optical lattice at 1064 nm, near magic wavelength
  • Lock laser to the clock transition
  • Fourier-limited linewidth of 6.5 Hz of the clock transition
  • Repumping from the clock state
  • Quadratic Zeeman measurement (magnetic field sensitivity)
  • Measurement of the absolute value of the clock transition
  • Polarisabilities of the clock transition
  • Magic wavelength measurement
  • Magic wavelength calculation
  • Estimate of thulium clock performance
  • Detection of the clock transition
  • Second stage cooling and optical lattice
  • Sub-doppler cooling of thulium atoms
  • Laser cooling of thulium atoms

List of all publications can be found here